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Oracle9i Application Server and Akamai's EdgeSuiteSM service interoperate to enable companies to develop and deploy dynamic Web sites and applications

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REDWOOD SHORES, Calif., and CAMBRIDGE, Mass., April 30, 2001 - Addressing the growing need to accelerate dynamic Web content delivery while simplifying the infrastructure required to ensure improved application performance and scalability, Oracle Corp. (Nasdaq: ORCL), the leading provider of software for e-business, and Akamai Technologies, Inc. (Nasdaq: AKAM), the leading Content Delivery Service Provider (CDSP), today announced development and delivery of Edge Side Includes (ESI), an open specification for assembling dynamic Web pages at the edge of the data center or the edge of the Internet. Leaders in the application server and content delivery industry, including Oracle and Akamai, will jointly submit ESI to the appropriate standards bodies for approval as a standard later this spring. With ESI, companies can reduce the complexity and infrastructure requirements of developing, deploying and maintaining highly scalable and reliable Web sites and Web-based applications.

ESI is a simple markup language used to define Web page fragments for dynamic assembly at the edge of the data center or the edge of the Internet. With today's announcement, Oracle9i Application Server and Akamai's EdgeSuiteSM service are offering support for this next-generation content delivery technology.

Dynamic Assembly at the Edge
Traditional caching techniques speed the delivery of static content to client browsers over the Internet and corporate intranets. Most Web pages today, however, are generated on demand for each individual user and many contain a mix of personalized and non-personalized content fragments, making them non-cacheable by traditional caching products and CDN services. ESI will enable dynamic assembly of these page fragments. As a result, customers now can develop highly dynamic Web-based applications that are assembled at the edge of the data center, or at the edge of the Internet, for improved performance.

"ESI will help to solve the scalability problem with sites that create unique page configurations for such things as personalization," said Neal Goldman, research director at The Yankee Group. "Without functionality such as ESI, the burden to dynamically generate pages falls solely on the origin server."

"We are working with Akamai and other industry leaders to submit this standard because we believe that the best thing we can do for our customers is to fight complexity on every front," said Rene Bonvanie, vice president of Oracle9i marketing. "ESI reduces the complexity and cost of developing and deploying new applications that are optimized to deliver fast content, even on sites where that content is constantly changing throughout the day and visitor volume is high."

By supporting ESI, Oracle and Akamai are extending the performance and cost savings benefits of Web caching and content delivery services to accelerate the most dynamic Web sites. As users flock to Web sites with dynamic, personalized content -- auctions, news, stock quotes -- this new technology will enable increased throughput and better response times with reduced infrastructure costs. With Oracle's caching expertise and Akamai's strength in content delivery services, customers will be able to choose the best application deployment strategy at run-time for maximum speed and content delivery without changing the application. For Web developers, the advantages of ESI include built-in scalability, interoperability across multiple vendors, and support for existing applications.

"Both Akamai and Oracle were independently working on the challenge of accelerating the delivery of dynamic Web sites," said George Kurian, vice president of product marketing at Akamai. "We are excited that two leading vendors of mission-critical Internet infrastructure solutions have used an open language to make our products and services interoperate. This enables companies to develop and deploy more high-performing Web sites with less complexity and less infrastructure."

Oracle will offer support for ESI in the next version of Oracle9i Application Server, starting in May of 2001 (see related release). To help J2EE based solutions leverage ESI, Oracle9i Application Server will also provide support for Edge Side Includes for Java (JESI). In addition, Oracle JDeveloper, a part of Internet Developer Suite, will enable development of ESI-compliant Java applications.

Akamai will implement ESI as part of the Akamai EdgeSuite service offering starting in May of 2001. This will include the integration of ESI into Akamai's metadata management system, as well as the support for ESI across Akamai's global platform of close to 10,000 globally distributed content delivery servers.

About Oracle9i Application Server
Oracle9i Application Server is the industry's fastest and most comprehensive deployment platform for web sites and e-business applications. It provides full J2EE support and delivers advanced features such as data and page caching, clustering and failover, enterprise portal framework, wireless services, business intelligence, and XML-based collaboration. Oracle9i Application Server has featured page caching technology since it was introduced in October 2000, making it the first and only application server to include built-in caching capabilities. As a result, customers have experienced faster Web site performance, increased scalability and high availability of content.

About Akamai EdgeSuite
Akamai's EdgeSuite offering, a complete suite of managed Internet infrastructure services, allows Web sites to reap the performance, scalability, and reliability benefits of content delivery across an entire Web site, including static and dynamic content, embedded objects, streaming media, and HTML. Leveraging Akamai's global network, EdgeSuite enables the generation and delivery of dynamic content by constructing Web pages from component pieces that can be targeted and delivered from optimal locations for each end user. Given today's challenged IT budgets, EdgeSuite allows Web-assisted and Web-dependent businesses to outsource critical Web infrastructure to Akamai, realizing significant cost savings and measurably improving performance and reliability at the same time.

About Oracle
Oracle Corporation provides the software that powers the Internet. For more information about Oracle, please call 650/506-7000.

About Akamai
Akamai is the leading Content Delivery Service Provider, serving thousands of customers worldwide. Akamai has the broadest deployment of servers for content, streaming media, and applications delivery with more than 9,700 servers in 56 countries directly connected within over 650 different telecommunications networks.

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Akamai Statement Under the Private Securities Litigation Reform Act
The release contains information about future expectations, plans and prospects of Akamai's management that constitute forward-looking statements for purposes of the safe harbor provisions under The Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995. Actual results may differ materially from those indicated by these forward-looking statements as a result of various important factors including, but not limited to, the dependence on Akamai's Internet content delivery service, a failure of its network infrastructure, the complexity of its service and the networks on which the service is deployed, the failure to obtain access to transmission capacity and other factors that are discussed in the Company's Annual Report on Form 10-K and other documents periodically filed with the SEC.

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